Rob Gronkowski: All-Pro tight end, party animal ... financial guru?

Rob Gronkowski told Maverick Carter that young NFL players look to him for financial advice. (AP)
Rob Gronkowski told Maverick Carter that young NFL players look to him for financial advice. (AP)

When Rob Gronkowski retires, he’ll be fast-tracked to Canton as the most dominant tight end to have played in the NFL.

He will have achieved that status playing for the NFL’s most rigid franchise all while helming party boats and winning $69 bets on a horse named in his honor.

It appears that we can add financial guru to his resume as well.

Gronk, the financial role model

Gronkowski appeared on the the Uninterrupted’s “Kneading Dough” and told host Maverick Carter that he has become a financial role model for younger NFL players.

“I had this one guy this year, he came up to me,” Gronkowski told Carter. “He was like, ‘Hey, Rob, you’ve got a Hummer. I see it. I want to get a Hummer. But my agent is telling me that I shouldn’t get a Hummer. It costs too much. It’s like $22,000.’ He’s like, ‘What do you think? You’ve got a Hummer. How much gas does it take?’

“And I was like, ‘Dude, if you want a Hummer, you’ve played one year, you can get a Hummer.'”

Sound advice, Gronk.

Gronk says he hasn’t spent any of his NFL salary

Gronkowski’s financial bonafides do sound legitimate. NFL Network and ESPN have reported the Gronkowski has not spent a cent of $44.5 million in salary that he’s made since joining the NFL, that he’s lived strictly off endorsement money.

He confirmed that to Carter and credited his dad for instilling his fiscal responsibility.

“You see my NFL money, how much I’ve made?” Gronkowsi asked. “I got way more than that, baby.”

Gronkowski admits to splurging

With more than $44 million in the bank, Gronkowski decided recently it was time to splurge a little bit and told Carter a story before flashing a diamond-encrusted chain hanging from his neck.

“My friend had a chain, and I was like, ‘Dang, man, that’s a nice chain,'” Gronkowski said. “I never had jewelry in my life. He let me wear it last year at a party. … I said, ‘If I hit all my incentives, if I do everything I need to do, get all my bonuses, put all the work in, I’ve got to finally treat myself. It’s been eight years, I haven’t really bought anything in my career. Last week I finally went out and bought myself a chain.”

Before he’s done making NFL money, he has his sights set even higher.

“The private jets are pricey,” Gronkowski said. “I can tell you that right now.”

Indeed, they are, Gronk.

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