Rob Gronkowski has one theory why the Patriots beat the Cowboys: Jerry Jones and the weather

Jack Baer

The New England Patriots topped the Dallas Cowboys by a score of 13-9 on Sunday, and there were plenty of reasons why.

Stephon Gilmore remains a defensive player of the year frontrunner. Jason Garrett remains questionable as the coach to lead the Cowboys in the Dak Prescott era. The officials remain infuriatingly inconsistent.

And yet the most visible factor in the game, literally, was the Foxborough weather. Heavy wind and rain at the start of the game led to a plodding game in which neither team’s pass attack got off the ground. Former Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski thinks that played right into the Patriots’ hands, and not by accident.

Rob Gronkowski: Bad weather? Advantage Patriots

During an appearance on the Fox halftime show, Gronkowski recounted how Patriots coach Bill Belichick makes players practice rain or shine or snow. Meanwhile, he claimed any bad weather would cause the Cowboys to move practice into their $1.5 billion indoor practice facility.

He delivered the rant directly facing the camera while wearing a turtleneck that Twitter said made him look like, among other things, a massage parlor bouncer, a greeter at the Church of Scientology and a guy heavily involved in a figure skating steroid scandal.

The full text of Gronkowski’s weather analysis:

When there’s weather conditions like this, good defenses need to become great. Let me tell you, it’s advantage Patriots anytime there’s weather. You want to know why? The Patriots practice in any conditions. If it’s rain, if it’s snow, if it’s 100 degrees, if it’s four degrees, it does not matter. Coach Belichick is making you go out on that practice field and he’s making you show up on time even if there’s a blizzard at 7 a.m. And let me tell you this, if there's a little rain in Dallas, a little snow in Dallas, Jerry Jones comes out and says ‘Do you guys wanna practice in the bubble today?’ That's why it's advantage Patriots and that's why they're kicking butt today vs. the Dallas Cowboys.

The Fox crew certainly got a kick out of it, with Terry Bradshaw appearing to wipe away a bemused tear before embracing Gronkowski.

Gronkowski might just have a point in there, though you can hardly count a game in which the Cowboys lost by only four while arguably leaving points on the table a butt-kicking. Still, the Patriots sure seem to win most of the time when it’s close and ugly, something that might come down to the adaptability and discipline the team has accrued under Belichick.

The Patriots held strong in hostile weather yet again vs. the Cowboys. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola)
The Patriots held strong in hostile weather yet again vs. the Cowboys. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

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