Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman reveal funny locker room routine

New England Patriots stars Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski were on $100,000 Pyramid Sunday. Since Gronkowski has recently retired, the two football player thought it was safe to reveal how the big guy managed to stay so positive. During the introduction segment of the game show, Edelman was asked about a little song he used to sing to Gronkowski. Edelman said, “You know, sometimes everyone needs a little pick-me-up, so I used to say, ‘He's big, he's bad, he's a big, bad Gronk!’" As if on command, the amiable Gronkowski got up from behind his playing table, flexed for the audience, and roared. That was just the beginning for the endearing tight end. While Gronkowski is one of the best to have ever played his position in football, he was not one of the best to ever play $100,000 Pyramid. Gronkowski seemed to struggle with some pretty simple clues and answers. For example, he thought the Nile River was on the continent of “Egypt.” And his clue for the word unicorn was, “It's one by itself, it's a type of animal, and a…rhymes with ‘Porn.’” It’s against the rules to give rhymes as clues, so there were no points awarded. Even though Gronkowski didn’t score many points in the game, he scored well with viewers. Many took to Twitter to express how much they enjoyed his failings. In fact, a debate broke out as to whether he was as bad as Friends’ character Joey Tribianni, or if he was worse. Gronkowski maybe done playing football, but hopefully he will continue to make appearances on $100,000 Pyramid. The big guy is just so fun to watch.