Rob Gronkowski explains pros, cons of fantasy, and it's hard to disagree

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New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski recently sat down with Yahoo Finance and among the topics that came up was Fantasy Football and the benefits it has had for the NFL.

“One hundred percent it helped out the league,” he said. “You know how much fan engagement there is? We got women, we got kids, we got parents, we got grandmas and grandpas, anyone, from all ages to all genders, people playing fantasy football and starting to learn the game. If you never knew the game of football, how it’s played, people understand fantasy though, to get the points, to get touchdowns.”

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However, as fans take to social media to complain when a player in their lineup doesn’t perform or ends up getting hurt, Gronkowski said that part “definitely does get annoying.”

“When people start ripping on you because there was an injury, I mean, that’s football, that’s part of the game, you can’t control that,” he said. “That’s what they signed up for. And that’s also the challenge in fantasy, like, if your guy goes down, you should be able to maintain your roster.

“So if you think about it, the head coach isn’t just dealing with the injury, the fantasy owner is too. They shouldn’t be complaining, they should go out and find another player like the head coach has to do.”

Several other players have gone on record to say they don’t care about our fantasy teams. While it’s understandable to be upset if you drop a matchup, there are times to vent and other times when you should take the high road.

With that in mind, we at Yahoo Fantasy have created a helpful chart so you know when you should and shouldn’t voice your frustration on social media.

Fantasy Football social PSA
Fantasy Football social PSA

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