National Signing Day 2012 - College

Accepting a college scholarship to play football is not only the celebration of an athlete's talent but the culmination of an often years-long process where the high school hot shot figures out which school is best for him.

But for the hundreds of kids who pick up a hats to declare their choice for one school over the others, there are a few who make a selection only to find out a scholarship to that school is no longer available.

It's part of a numbers game that is played every year around National Signing Day, the day high school football players can officially sign Letters of Intent to a particular school.

This weekend, Tevin Shaw of Piscataway (N.J.) High learned the hard truth, just a few days before his big moment.

He had finally decided on Iowa - a school that offered him a scholarship months ago. But when he let the school know, they let him know all of their scholarships were gone, an answer that left Shaw and his coach, Dan Higgins, in shock.

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National Signing Day 2012

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