Rip City is still pissed about the blown goaltending call

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The Trail Blazers loss to the Utah Jazz is a thing of the past, but the emotion of it still remains present. 

Two days after referees missed a blatant goaltending call in the final seconds of Friday night's game in Salt Lake City, the Trail Blazers are back in action back at home. 

Players and coaches have been very vocal, both in their postgame remarks and on social media. 

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Now, it's time for the fans to weigh in. 

"We're pretty bummed," Alex Olson said. "The refs kinda took the game from us."

"It was upsetting," Daniel Elder added. "You see a team come out, give their heart, undermanned... you give yourself a chance to win the game and it's completely taken from you by a horrible missed call."

"Holy s---, was I pissed," Kevin Palke exclaimed. "That was a definite goaltending, for sure. For sure! They f----- up the game..."

"It cost us the game," Colten Mack said. "We're in a playoff race."

"It was a s----- no-call," Danielle Carlson asserted. 

Rip City is unanimous: The play should be reviewable. 

Fans expressed how the NFL has implemented late-game review, so why not the NBA?

With the evolution of technology, the high-resolution cameras and televisions, "Why not use it?"

Watch the video above for their full reactions...


Rip City is still pissed about the blown goaltending call originally appeared on NBC Sports Northwest

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