Riot reveals Camille, the newest League of Legends champion

Camille's knife legs look awfully deadly (Riot Games)
Camille’s knife legs look awfully deadly. (Riot Games)

Riot Games has revealed the abilities of Camille, the next champion coming to League of Legends.

The knife-legged warrior will fill the fighter slot similar to Irelia or Tryndamere, focusing on autoattacks and mobility to deal death wherever she goes.

Her passive gives her a shield against the primary damage source of her target when autoattacking, giving her significant trading power. Her Q is Precision Protocol, an empowered autoattack that can be reactivated to deal a second strike that does true damage if she waits long enough to cast it a second time. Her W, Tactical Sweep, casts in a cone in front of her, dealing damage and slowing anyone in the far half of the area of effect and healing her in the process. Her primary mobility comes from her E, Hookshot/Wall Dive. The first half of the cast will pull her into a targeted wall, enabling her to jump from her perch towards a target direction, damaging anyone she strikes.

Her ultimate, Hextech Ultimatum, is undoubtedly the ability that will get the most attention. Working much like Jarvan IV’s ult, she traps a target enemy in a small arena, forcing them to reckon with her or die. But unlike J4’s, she knocks away everyone that wasn’t targeted by the ability, forcing a 1v1. A true duelist, she does her best to make sure she can bring down her target.

Judging by her kit, Camille will fulfill the role of a top laner, split-pushing and demanding enemy teams react to her in overwhelming force. Much like Irelia, she’s got solid sustain and right-clicking power, making her difficult to deal with on her own.

We’ll be updating as more information about Camille emerges.

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