Ring camera footage captures Amazon driver dealing with ‘scary’ mid-delivery issue

An Amazon delivery driver is being praised for going above and beyond his job description. A TikTok user named Gwen (@gwenniesanchez) captured the moment on her doorbell security camera. It’s just the latest video of its kind to go viral on the app. As she explained in her video, she humorously asked her delivery driver to kill a spider that was “refusing” to leave her front door. According to Gwen’s doorbell camera, her Amazon driver took that request to heart. The clip shows the employee arriving at her doorstep and dropping off the package before searching the walls for a spider. When he finds it, he takes off his shoe and kills it. TikTok users praised the worker for going above and beyond his job. Some called him a “hero”. “Spider assassin? Amazon really does everything,” one user joked