Riley Files revisited: concerns about Alex Grinch were definitely warranted

With the 2022 season officially over, it is time to reflect on the preseason buzz regarding this team.

For right now, we will focus on the defense and Alex Grinch — for obvious reasons.

Over the summer, we did a deep dive into the Riley Files, and here’s one noticeable excerpt about Grinch that is notable.

Oklahoma insider Kegan Reneau said this about Alex Grinch:

“When I ask myself after the 2021 season, has Alex Grinch earned the job at USC?”, Reneau asked. “Has he proven himself to warrant not just a being the DC at Oklahoma, but being the DC at another Power Five blue-blood program? It’s something that I struggle and fight with,” Reneau said. “I like Alex Grinch, I got to cover him for two seasons, I really like dealing with him. He is very candid, genuine, honest, and always tells it how it is. His defense wasn’t very good in 2021. They completely plummeted.”

The defense fell apart in 2021 in Oklahoma, and questions swirled about whether or not he deserved the job at USC.

After a rough first year, there is a massive concern with Grinch, and if things don’t improve, he could be headed for another job once 2024 comes — especially with USC making the move to the Big Ten.


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Story originally appeared on Trojans Wire