Riley Files: Lincoln Riley had a lot of stability and continuity on his staff at Oklahoma

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On The Riley Files, Oklahoma insider Kegan Reneau noted that Lincoln Riley had very little staff turnover with the Sooners.

It raises fascinating questions about how his USC staff will evolve, and how much continuity it will establish. What happens if Riley has to make changes?

“USC is certainly an interesting conversation and I’m sure we’re gonna dive into more of that staff dynamic, but I’ll stick to something I told you very early on about who Lincoln was bringing with him and who he was hiring. Lincoln has only had to fire a few guys,” Reneau said. “Jerry Schmidt, you can talk about Lincoln and Jerry Schmidt having issues and Schmidt going off to Texas A&M, but Lincoln’s only had to get rid of a few guys. There was also Mike Stoops. Lincoln’s not had to have a ton (of staffing changes). He hasn’t dealt with a ton of turnover, and if things don’t go right early on and it continues to be unstable, based off conversations we’ve had on this series, I don’t know if that gives you confidence about where things can potentially go if USC does remain a little bit unstable.”


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Story originally appeared on Trojans Wire