Riley Curry returns to Steph's press conference, sings Big Sean, is cute

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The rest of you can have Stephen Curry, James Harden, and Klay Thompson. For the discerning fan, the true star of the Western Conference Finals was Steph's young daughter Riley Curry, who dominated the aftermath of the Golden State Warriors' Game 1 victory over the Houston Rockets by serving as the cutest press-conference attendee in recent NBA history. Sadly, Riley did not factor heavily into the next three games, perhaps because many playoff games last well past what we assume to be her bedtime.

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Yet Riley returned to accompany her father to the podium after the Warriors won Wednesday's Game 5 to clinch the franchise's first NBA Finals appearance in 40 years. While this appearance didn't offer the surprise factor of her Game 1 performance, it was still pretty darn adorable. Take a look:

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There are a few highlights here, most notably her foray into the curtain at stage left:

Or when she sang a bar of Big Sean's "Blessings" (via SB Nation), which the Warriors sang on the team plane just before the All-Star break:

It seems fairly clear at this point that Riley is the breakout star of the postseason. However, we will soon find out if she has what it takes to show up on the biggest stage. Only the best can handle the pressure of the NBA Finals. You either babble gibberish or go home.

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