Ricky Williams says with astrology study, Uranus' path told him to invest in bitcoin

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Former NFL football player <a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="/ncaaf/players/254676/" data-ylk="slk:Ricky Williams">Ricky Williams</a> told CNBC he used astrology to determine he should invest in bitcoin. (AP)
Former NFL football player Ricky Williams told CNBC he used astrology to determine he should invest in bitcoin. (AP)

Ricky Williams, former NFL running back and famed marijuana connoisseur, shared his most recent investment strategy with CNBC. It’s out there. Literally.

Williams told CNBC that he has invested $50,000 in bitcoin. That’s perhaps a reasonable investment, considering bitcoin was incredibly popular just a few months ago before cooling off. But here’s Williams’ unusual reason for getting into the bitcoin game now:

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“When I look at things, I tend to look at astrology to get insight,” Williams told CNBC’s “Make It.” “The insight that got me interested in bitcoin was the planet Uranus is about to enter into Taurus.”


“[Uranus] is about revolution; it’s about a change in the way we do things; it’s about innovation,” Williams said.

The astrological sign Taurus “is about resources and finances,” the former Heisman Trophy winner added. 

Pluto was also involved in that $50,000 bet on bitcoin. Williams told CNBC that Pluto is passing through the astrological sign Capricorn, and Capricorn “is about our structures, like banks for instance.”

Williams is really into astrology; CNBC noted that he has a personal website in which he offers 90-minute natal chart readings for $300. Those can be done via phone, Skype or FaceTime, in case you want to talk astrology with the former New Orleans Saints and Miami Dolphins legend. And he’s in on cryptocurrency, despite others in the investment industry warning against it

“Especially with the planet Uranus and change, [it’s] always going to be volatile in the beginning,” Williams told CNBC. “But, still, it’s more of a conscious choice to contribute to the change. If I do well, then great. If not, I’ll still feel like I did my part to contribute to things moving forward.”

Williams is one of the most unique players to come through the NFL. He was open about his marijuana use long before that became more widely acceptable, and was always considered a free thinker. He also ended up with a pretty good 11-year career, with 10,009 total yards, despite missing one season due to a sudden retirement and another due to an NFL suspension for multiple violations of the NFL’s substance abuse policy.

Who knows, maybe Williams is ahead of the curve on his investing advice too. Maybe for that $300 over 90 minutes, he’ll tell you even more investment advice based on the stars and planets.

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