Ricky Rubio’s biggest and coldest fan commissioned a giant blanket featuring his likeness (PHOTO)

Ball Don't Lie

Dean Pierce’s Twitter bio simply reads “NBA fanatic,” so it makes complete and total sense that he commissioned a cheery photo of Minnesota Timberwolves guard Ricky Rubio to be made into a giant Rubio Blanket. And, because we live in an age where we can attempt to connect directly to the sorts of stars we make blankets out of (blankets out of pictures of people, let’s not get all Mr. Belvedere on this), and those stars can share the fruits of this blanket labor with the masses via their own Twitter account, we get a shot of this very Rubio Christmas featuring Pierce’s grandmother:

That looks very comfortable. A little creepy, to be sure, but you don’t have to see Ricky’s beaming face when you’re the one underneath the blanket.

Rubio has struggled since returning from a devastating ACL tear on Dec. 15, averaging 3.3 points on 18.8 percent shooting, 4.5 assists, three turnovers in 17.5 minutes per contest. We’ve no doubt this tribute brought quite a bit of comfort after what must have been a very frustrating 2012. Snuggle-tip to SB Nation.

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