Can Richardson reach full potential with Colts?

Peter King and Myles Simmons debate whether or not the Indianapolis Colts have the right parameters in place to help quarterback Anthony Richardson reach his full potential in Indianapolis.

Video Transcript

PETER KING: The Indianapolis Colts picking a player who has started 13 college games, won six of them, and had some big struggles last game of his college career against Florida State. He's 9 of 27. But I had a conversation with Chris Ballard on Saturday night, and he said that one of their scouts comes up to him during the year last year, during the football season, and said I'm watching this kid in practice, meaning Anthony Richardson.

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I'm watching this kid in practice, and I'm drooling. I cannot believe how great he is. And so, look, we all know that there's no insurance for this stuff, no guarantee, but I think Chris Ballard's whole point is that, look, we want the guy who we believe, with very good coaching-- and they brought in a quarterback coach, in essence, Shane Steichen. With very good coaching, we believe that we're going to get the best out of him.

And the only one bit of caution-- and I was talking to Ballard about this Saturday night-- you know, I hear everybody's saying, oh, he's got to play. He needs the experience. Anthony Richardson should be in the game. I mean, I guess I would just make two points.

Patrick Mahomes sat for all but one game of his first year. He wasn't in horrible shape because of that. The last two Green Bay quarterbacks, Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers, they sat their first years. I mean, there's a lot of evidence that suggests that sitting instead of being rushed in before you're ready is the way to go. But we'll see what happens. And Ballard wouldn't commit to anything at all. He said, listen, we just have to get them in here and see where he is as a player. We'll analyze that. But as Ballard said, it's impossible to make that call right now.

MYLES SIMMONS: Yeah, and that makes plenty of sense. I mean, I think when you have somebody like a Shane Steichen, who has worked with two of the best young quarterbacks in the entire National Football League in the last three years in Justin Herbert and then with Jalen Hurts, there's reason to feel like, OK, this can work. You at least have put Anthony Richardson in a good situation.


They also have Jim Bob Cooter on the staff. He's another guy who has worked with a bunch of different quarterbacks, worked with Trevor Lawrence last year, and helped in that development in Jacksonville. So I like the move because it's bold, right? And it's something where you don't necessarily expect it because Indianapolis is like a place of drop-back quarterbacks.

You would think Will Levis is probably going to be that guy, but it's not, and they're going in a different direction, and they believe in Anthony Richardson's ability. And when I listen to Jim Irsay call him a "superhero," and say if we had the number one overall pick this is who we would have taken, that to me signals that they have a ton of belief in Anthony Richardson's ability and in his character to become the face of the franchise. So I'm really interested to see how this works out.