Richard Sherman says Tom Brady is 'much more intense' than other quarterbacks

Quinton Mayo
·1 min read

Richard Sherman says Tom Brady is 'much more intense' than others originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

Twenty years ago, arguably the greatest quarterback in the history of the NFL was drafted by the New England Patriots out of Michigan. Fast forward to the year 2020 and that man known as Tom Brady is still meticulously dissecting defenses at the age of 43.

But don't take our word for it, ask one of the best cornerbacks in the history of football: San Francisco 49ers Richard Sherman.

On a recent episode of the The Chris Collinsworth Podcast featuring Richard Sherman, Sherman talked about his many battles with Brady and what makes him so difficult to stop.

"He's much more intense throughout the play than most quarterbacks," Sherman said. "Like I'd say [Aaron Rodgers] A Rod is pretty calm, confident, and carefree. But Tom has an intensity about his reads and about how in a sense of urgency you can feel that key. He knows the timing."

"It's almost like a franticness about his play sometimes where it's like 'I need to get this ball out, I know where it's going,' almost like he's like 'hurry up and get there,'" Sherman continued. "It's almost like the game is moving so slow in his mind that it's like his mind fast forwarded to the spot there the guy should be.

"The moment the ball should be out, and the guy isn't there yet, he has to wait for him. That's why the mistakes he make is more of anticipation."