Richard Sherman: 49ers paying $1 million bonus even though playing time falls short

Michael David Smith

The contract Richard Sherman signed with the 49ers in 2018 calls for him to get a $1 million bonus if he plays in at least 90 percent of the team’s defensive snaps this season. Sherman will not do that, but he’ll get the money anyway.

Sherman said 49ers General Manager John Lynch already told him the 49ers are going to pay him that $1 million playing time bonus, even though Sherman has already missed too many snaps for him to be able to reach 90 percent.

“John and I had a conversation early in the year about that,” Sherman said, via the San Francisco Chronicle. “And they . . . had already given me that incentive. So there’s no incentive for me, in terms of financial, for me to be like ‘I’ve got to come back to get this amount of money.’ It’s always what’s best for the team.”

So far this season Sherman has played 85.5 percent of the 49ers’ defensive snaps, and even if he were to play every defensive snap in the last two games, there would be no way to make up for the one full game he missed with an injury, plus parts of other games when he wasn’t on the field, and reach 90 percent of the season.

But the 49ers, like other teams, will sometimes give a player an incentive if he comes close enough. In this case, the 49ers would rather reward a good player for a good year than quibble over a relatively small number of snaps.

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