Richard Jefferson calls out Warriors for adding Kevin Durant after 2016 Finals

Josh Schrock
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Richard Jefferson calls out Warriors for adding Kevin Durant after 2016 Finals originally appeared on

Richard Jefferson and the Cleveland Cavaliers pulled off one of the greatest comebacks in NBA history in 2016.

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Well, LeBron James and Kyrie Irving did most of the heavy lifting, but Jefferson was on the team.

You know the story, down 3-1 in the NBA Finals, the Cavs stormed back and won the last three games of the series to stun the Warriors and win the 2016 NBA title. 

Following the loss, the 73-win Warriors got even better by signing Kevin Durant, and the NBA hasn't had a chance ever since.

Jefferson, who has been critical of the move in the past, criticized the Warriors for that move during Sunday's Spurs-Cavs game. 

"That was the crazy thing," Jefferson said about the Warriors recruiting Durant. "They literally had Harrison Barnes who as one of their guys. Drafted. Been there. And you understand, you've got to do that 10 times out of 10.

"Where I come from, in the park and in the streets, if you're playing and you lose to somebody, the first words are run it back, same teams, Run it back, same teams, right? We don't need to change the teams, run it back. That's how we grew up. Because you don't want to change anything. Like, no, we felt we were the better team, we just didn't play well enough so let's run it back. They didn't do that. They were like, 'we need to go reload. We're going to go get our big brother.' Like, oh, thanks guys. That's fun."

As far as bad takes go, this one ranks right up there.

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Durant, of course, responded in a comment on Instagram.

"Everybody from the streets now," Durant wrote on Bleacher Report's video of Jefferson's comments. 

If any team has a chance to add a top two player in the league they are going to do it.  Had the Warriors defeated the Cavs in the 2016 NBA Finals, they might have run it back. But after blowing the 3-1 lead, adding Durant, who made them worlds better than the rest of the NBA, was a no-brainer.

Deep down, Jefferson knows that.

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