Rich McKay: “No support” on Competition Committee for Sky Judge

Mike Florio
ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports

The NFL continues to fail or to refuse to see how the combination of bad calls and legal gambling can result in serious problems for the game.

With the AAF utilizing the “Sky Judge” concept to ensure that certain bad calls or non-calls are fixed in real time, without the use of replay review, the league continues to downplay the potential value of what obviously would be a very useful and meaningful supplement to seven officials who are trying to discern full-speed football players with the naked eye while primarily trying not to get trampled.

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During the annual media conference call with Competition Committee chairman Rich McKay and NFL executive V.P. of football operations Troy Vincent, McKay claimed that the proposed “Sky Judge” received “no support from any member of the Committee.”

That’s hard to believe, given that the Committee currently includes Saints coach Sean Payton, who has made it clear that he’s determined to ensure that no team suffers the same fate that his team endured in the NFC Championship game. The decision not to embrace Sky Judge coupled with a proposed expansion of replay that wouldn’t prevent what happened in New Orleans means that the potential will continue to exist for bad calls to go uncorrected.

For more on this and other currently relevant issues, check out Friday’s PFTOT, which can been seen and heard in the attached clip.

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