Rich Eisen a big fan of Christian Wilkins joining Maxx Crosby on Raiders: ‘Unfair’

A lot of Raiders fans are super excited about the addition of Christian Wilkins. I have certainly made my feelings on the move clear. I love it. Had Wilkins as the top free agent on the market for the Raiders’ needs.

But if you don’t want to go with my opinion or those of Raider Nation, how about Rich Eisen?

The veteran NFL voice couldn’t say enough good things about the move by the Raiders and pairing him up with “the Condor,” Maxx Crosby.

Eisen got downright poetic while praising the Raiders for the move and imagining the havoc Wilkins and Crosby will create together.

He liked it particularly with regard to the Raiders attempting to accomplish their primary objective of ending the Chiefs’ stranglehold on the AFC West.

“Christian Wilkins requires a ton of attention to stop,” said Eisen. “He is a one-man wrecking machine. But just imagine what he can do with the Condor lined up to his left.

“Maxx Crosby next to Christian Wilkins sounds like an AFC Pro Bowl team,” he continued while also calling the duo “unfair” and lauding the move as “aggressive and smart.”

The Raiders still have many question marks — the quarterback position, for one. Clearly when Eisen recorded this, the news of the Raiders adding Gardner Minshew had not come out. But even if it had, Minshew is not the answer there.

And while the Chiefs dynasty largely surrounds QB Patrick Mahomes, they made Chris Jones a priority as well because they know how crucial having a dominant presence on the interior defensive line is along with consistent pressure on the opposing quarterback. The Raiders have at least checked that box. That’s a good start.

Story originally appeared on Raiders Wire