Rhys Hoskins hits two more homers, makes more history, might be an alien

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Rhys Hoskins can’t stop making history. The rookie first baseman on the Philadelphia Phillies has been hitting home runs like a madman, and shows no signs of slowing down. On Aug. 25 he became the fastest player ever to hit nine home runs, doing it in just his first 16 games, and every one he’s hit since has earned him another entry in the MLB record books.

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Hoskins did it again — twice — on Tuesday night when the Phillies faced the Miami Marlins in what became a wild 15-inning affair. His first homer (No. 15 overall) came in the seventh inning when the Phillies were down 7-2. He smashed a 1-2 pitch to the second deck in left center field at Citizens Bank Park, a solo shot that started the Phillies’ five-run comeback.

Sweet Murgatroyd, that’s an absolute bomb. And it truly started something — in the next two innings the Phillies would score another four runs, tying the game at 7-7 and forcing extras.

Extra innings might not have lasted too long without Hoskins. In the tenth, the Marlins’ Marcell Ozuna hit a bomb of his own to put his team ahead 8-7. But in the bottom of the inning, Hoskins stepped to the plate and stunned everyone.

Hoskins jacked his second homer of the night, his 16th of the year, and tied the game. That homer helped the Phillies hang on for another five innings until they could pull out a win — thanks to a double from Hoskins’ former Triple-A teammate Nick Williams.

Rhys Hoskins just keeps hitting home runs. (Getty Images)
Rhys Hoskins just keeps hitting home runs. (Getty Images)

In just 32 games Hoskins has hit 16 home runs, which is beyond unprecedented.

Seeing how he stacks up against other important figures in baseball history is ridiculous.

No one has done what Hoskins is doing. How is this even happening? Well, Hoskins is a talented, patient hitter. And also he might be from outer space.

And because Rhys Hoskins is the best, and possibly an alien, he had the perfect response.

Phillies fans, please give a warm welcome your new alien overlord Rhys Hoskins and his alien friend Nick Williams. May they rule with peace, love and lots of home runs.

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