'RHONJ' star's breast surgery complication will make you cringe

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It was a crossover episode on Botched as Real Housewives of New Jersey star Kim D visited the doctors in hopes of getting her botched breasts fixed. But Dr. Terry Dubrow made a startling discovery during surgery, and it was fairly disgusting.

While removing an existing implant, Dr. Dubrow discovered one her breasts was severely encapsulated in calcium. He likened the substance to drywall or plaster. In order to remove all of the hard material he had to use a tool designed for scraping bone.

Despite the complication, the surgery was a full success and Kim was very happy with the results. She said, "Thanks to Dr. Dubrow, my breasts look and feel fabulous. I can now put all of my time and energy into what's important: Growing my business, and living my life."

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