Rhode Island player hits 3 from Steph Curry territory, gives nod to Reggie Miller

Nick Bromberg

Rhode Island guard Jared Terrell was feeling it in the second half against Oklahoma.

A possession after splashing a three to bring Rhode Island within one at 42-41, Terrell hit an absurdly deep three-pointer to tie the game at 44-44. The Rams would go on to win the game 83-78 in overtime.

But back to the shot. Yeah, there were just five seconds left on the shot clock when he shot the ball, but look at where he was at on the court. Steph Curry is jealous.

(via CBS)
(via CBS)

After hitting the second three, Terrell made sure to find former NBA sharpshooter Reggie Miller, who was courtside calling the game for CBS. Terrell gave Miller a sly little nod.

(via CBS)
(via CBS)

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Nick Bromberg is a writer for Yahoo Sports.

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