RFK Jr. will name his Vice Presidential candidate, which could be Aaron Rodgers, on March 26

Will Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers be joining Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on an independent ticket for the U.S. Presidency? We'll find out later this month, if not sooner.

The Kennedy campaign has announced that the V.P. announcement will be made on Tuesday, March 26 at 11:00 a.m. PT in Oakland, California.

The fact that it's happening within 160 miles of Rodgers's hometown of Chico, California could make some think it will be him. The other candidate at the top of Kennedy's list, Jesse Ventura, is a native of Minnesota.

Kennedy confirmed to the New York Times on Monday that Rodgers and Ventura are the primary candidates. Rodgers has said nothing to deny that. One of his most recent posts on X expresses support for Kennedy.

Bottom line? If he doesn't announce that he's out in the next 13 days, he could be in.