Rex & Lav pod: Why there is no easy path back to Tour

Rex & Lav pod: Why there is no easy path back to Tour

There's a reason why top PGA Tour players seem divided about bringing back the best, brightest and biggest names from LIV Golf.

It's very complicated.

In this week's edition, the guys detail the motivations from both sides, and explain why this thorny issue continues to be a talking point even after a year.

0:00: HEAD-TO-HEAD: Which event are you most looking forward to this week, the Phoenix Open or LIV Las Vegas?

03:30: ALL WORK, NO PLAY: Our history covering Phoenix, which isn't nearly as fun if you're not drinking tall boys in the sun.

09:30: SUNDAY SHOWDOWN: LIV ratings from the first event are out, and here's what they mean.

13:30: FAIR OR FOUL: Joaquin Niemann's major gripe conveniently forgets a few things.

21:00: DIVIDED: Why the road back to the PGA Tour is so complicated for LIV guys – and for Tour loyalists, too.

32:00: GAMEDAY: What's on the grill for Super Bowl, and our picks to win the big game.