Reviewed: The Newly-Upgraded Coros Apex 2 Pro

This article originally appeared on Triathlete

I'll be the first to admit that I have something of an affinity for the scrappy-yet-functional smartwatch brand, Coros. When friends and family ask me about the best smartwatch for tri or running under $300, I'll pretty much say the Coros Pace 2 every time. And if you see me out doing a super long, multi-day hike or shooting for an FKT, the watch on my wrist will inevitably be a Vertix 2 (and you'll definitely see it, even from a's that huge). Coros isn't necessarily flashy, and their watches are typically light on "fun" stuff that a smartwatch like the Apple Watch Ultra has, but I'm definitely a "use your gear like a tool" kind of guy. If training is a nail, all I want is a hammer to hit it with.

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That said, the Coros' watch family is a little weird. And it's not for everyone. While the Pace 2 is an all-the-features-you-need-and-none-you-don't, streamlined little baby watch, the Vertix 2 is almost an overkill monster big brother at $700 and 90 grams for a 1.4-inch touchscreen with a stupid amount of battery life. Meanwhile, the Apex and Apex Pros have both been the awkward tweens in the family photos with some good features, but nothing attention getting. With the latest upgrade, Coros rights some "wrongs" in the Apex missing link, but in a changing smartwatch landscape is it enough to warrant the purchase?

Now, the Apex 2 Pro has a bigger, 1.3-inch touchscreen (that works in all modes, not just maps like the Vertix/Vertix 2), a bigger battery life (30 days regular use/75 hours of full GPS), and offline storage (32gb) for mp3s and worldwide topo maps. The regular Apex has a 1.2-inch touchscreen, a substantially smaller battery life (17 days smartwatch, 45 hours full GPS), and only 8gb of storage for maps and music. There are also updates that appear more minor on their face: dual-band GPS for increased accuracy (Pro only), HRV measurement, a titanium bevel, and WiFi connectivity to name a few.

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