Reverse trick or treat held at Janet Weis Children's Hospital

Nov. 1—DANVILLE — Patients at Janet Weis Children's Hospital were treated by members of the Bucknell men's basketball team during a reverse trick or treat event Tuesday.

This was the first time the Bucknell group has participated in the event since before the pandemic. John Griffin, the team's coach, said he participated in the event himself when he was a player on the team.

"I remember the energy and connection we had with the kids and families," Griffin said. "I wanted to take the opportunity to recreate this tradition with these young men."

Several players traveled to the hospital Tuesday to participate in the event. Geisinger Child Life Specialist Erin Onderko said the team would bring trick-or-treating to the patients.

"The kids were able to pick out costumes and accessories which were all donated by Spirit Halloween," Onderko said. "The basketball players will get bags to hand to the kids and will walk through the halls to say hi and give high-fives and fist bumps."

Patients on the third floor of the hospital, in the oncology section, had bright smiles as the team came through.

Dylan Tupper, 11, said he was excited to see the players and wear his hot dog costume.

"I think the costume matches my personality," he said. "I like to eat."

Ryder Feaster, 10, said he thought it was cool to have the team go through the hallway. Once they passed, Feaster went through his bag of goodies that was filled with all sorts of toys.

Prior to the event, Griffin said," If we bring a smile to one kid's face, it'll have been worth it."