Reuben Foster reflects, apologizes for club incident; Kyle Shanahan not upset

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Late Monday night at around 2 a.m. local time, San Francisco 49ers‘ linebackers Reuben Foster and Ray-Ray Armstrong were held at gunpoint. They were out at the Love and Propaganda nightclub in San Francisco when Foster noticed a suspicious vehicle. It was enough to prompt the two to leave the club with a security guard, as well as another male friend.

San Francisco 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster was held at gunpoint late Monday night, along with teammate Ray-Ray Armstrong.
San Francisco 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster was held at gunpoint late Monday night, along with teammate Ray-Ray Armstrong.
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According to reports, Foster, a rookie, along with Armstrong, 26, were then held up by two masked men wearing white hoodies inside the vehicle which Foster had spotted. Unclear of what the hold-up was about and not wanting to engage, the two players took off on foot until they reached a nearby hotel and called the police.

49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan seemed understanding enough when interviewed about the matter on Wednesday. “Yes, they told me about it,” Shanahan said. “It’s just a reminder of how careful you’ve got to be. I’m definitely glad they got out of it OK, sounded pretty dangerous, something pretty scary, a situation haven’t been in like that before. But I know they were pretty shook up from it and worried and I’m just really glad they’re all right.”

He added: “I don’t think totally knows our exact lifestyle. Sunday night after a game, I’m not making excuses for anyone, but just to be honest with you guys, Monday, our first team meeting’s at 1 o’clock. We go over the game tape and it’s all meetings. There’s nothing physical, there’s nothing on the field. Tuesday’s the players’ day off, then we see them Wednesday. Sunday night for 90 percent of this league or whatever it is, that’s players’ Friday night. Monday night’s players’ Saturdays, and everyone handles their free time differently.”

Foster opened up about the incident on Wednesday, telling reporters: “It’s a scary moment for my family and the organization,” Foster said. “I’m truly sorry to whom I concerned and the organization itself and the fans that I concerned them.”

The winless 49ers will host the Dallas Cowboys in Week 7.

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