A retired Jason Williams and Scottie Pippen hook up for the elbow-pass and dunk (VIDEO)

This is a nice little summer surprise. Jason Williams and Scottie Pippen are currently down in the Philippines taking part in a barnstorming tour with a litany of NBA veterans (the same tour that supplied Dennis Rodman with his chance to re-unite with his father after nearly five decades), and they at once decided to remind us that Jason Williams can still throw redonkulous passes (Jason played in an era where it was OK to say "redonkulous," so back off), and that Scottie Pippen can still dunk with ease, gracefully.

Via The Basketball Jones and Nick DePaula, watch:

That's just ... nice. On both ends. Williams still looks scary going right to left on the break, and Scottie Pippen will have to wait another few decades before looking like he isn't NBA-ready.

And it also reminds us that Raef LaFrentz was once a thing that made me yell at him on a small college-boy TV in a dorm room because he couldn't connect with Jason Williams' elbow.

So ... basketball's fun!

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