Rescue Pit Bull's Reaction to Getting Her Very First Plush Toy Couldn't Be Better

It's like she was so happy to finally have something to call her own.

When we buy something that we have wanted for a long time, we take extra care to keep that object in great condition so it will last us a long time. This is a common experience among humans as well as animals. One dog understands this idea well based on the viral video showing the extreme care shown to a new plush toy.

TikTok user @sattelberger recently shared a video of her rescue Pit Bull's reaction to getting her very first plush toy, and this sweet baby is treating her new toy like royalty. Check out the video to see why the way this Pittie handles her toy is so special!

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OMG, this is so sweet! We love how gentle this pup is with her new toy, especially since her mom said she destroys all of her Benebone chew toys in the caption. A baby's first toy is always held in high regard, and this plushie is no exception!

People in the comments thought the gentleness this Pittie showed her toy is too sweet. @stephaniegreig0208 said, "Aww, the care and love she has shown her dinosaur is amazing. What an absolute sweetie!! She looks so happy in her forever home." Another user, @mistayyyy_b29, commented, "I have NEVER seen a plushie survive a Pit Bull, and she’s so gentle!" This Pittie wants to make sure her new dinosaur toy will be around for a long time, so gentleness is a must!

Others were heartbroken over the scars this poor baby had on her face. @kodak_and_mum commented, "Beautiful pooch. Those scars though…they break my heart!" and @blueyedyorklass said, "The sweetest baby! Her facial scars tell a story of such pain but her eyes are pure love. Thank goodness she has found her home!" We are so happy that this sweet girl is being shown the love she deserves with her new family.

We are so happy that this Pittie has a toy she loves and cares for so deeply. It's heartwarming moments like this that make rescuing dogs with difficult backgrounds worth the challenge!

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