A rescue pig and French bulldog are friendship goals

Sweet Spot

Pickles, a lovable pig, was rescued from a flooded farm and adopted by a family. Pickles’s parents soon realized he enjoyed playing with dogs, one breed in particular. Pickles’s mom, Maddie, told the Dodo: “We noticed that Pickles really gravitated toward Frenchies. I think it’s because they also have a pig-like build, make similar noises, have no shame, etc. Our neighbor has one and would bring him over.”

Pickles’s love of Frenchies grew, and his parents decided to add Dill to the family. Instantly Pickles the pig and Dill the French bulldog become the best of friends. The unusual brothers were inseparable. They took naps together, cuddled, went to visit Santa, and even dressed up, rocking matching bandannas. Their adorable bond is melting hearts and making them Instagram favorites.

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