Odell Beckham Jr. violated NFL rule while wearing $250K watch in game

Odell Beckham Jr.’s debut with the Cleveland Browns didn’t go as planned Sunday in a stunning 43-13 home loss to the Tennessee Titans.

But he looked good on the field.

The Browns new Pro Bowl wide receiver was seen wearing a pricy designer watch during the game, which the Associated Press reports is worth $250,000.

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And to be clear, he wasn’t just seen wearing it on the sideline. He lined up and ran plays in a violent, collision-based game wearing a fragile piece of expensive jewelry.

Beckham broke NFL rule in Browns debut

It turns out that he violated NFL rules in doing so. According to the Associated Press, the NFL addressed the issue with the Browns on Monday.

Odell Beckham Jr.'s six-figure accessory can be seen here on his left wrist. (Getty)
Odell Beckham Jr.'s six-figure accessory can be seen here on his left wrist. (Getty)

Isn’t jewelry permitted?

But NFL players wear jewelry all the time without consequence from the league, right? Chain snatching was a thing for a short time.

It turns out it’s not the fact the Beckham was wearing jewelry that’s a problem. His watch violates the league’s rule that prohibits players from wearing “hard objects,” league spokesman Michael Signora said.

Whether the league intends to address the issue further with Beckham is not clear. For now there are no reports that he has been fined for the violation.

But it seems the league is doing Beckham a favor.

Even if the limited edition Richard Mille 11-03 McLaren timepiece is a durable work of craftsmanship, it seems unlikely it’s designed to take the brunt of a full force collision with an NFL helmet.

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