Reports: NFL doesn’t want Deshaun Watson playing Texans in 2022

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The clarity that so many Cleveland Browns fans and the organization were hoping for has turned into even more unknown. After Judge Sue Robinson issued her six-game suspension to QB Deshaun Watson, the only thing left was whether or not the NFL would appeal.

The NFLPA had announced before the decision that they would not appeal but that announcement is not binding.

Now that the NFL has appealed the suspension, Roger Goodell can decide who hears that appeal including deciding he is the person to do so.

It has been known that the NFL has wanted at least a year suspension since the discipline hearing started. We also found out the two sides tried to settle before Robinson’s decision but couldn’t find common ground.

During that settlement talk, the NFL wanted a 12-game suspension and a huge fine while Watson’s side was more open to a six to eight-game discpline.

According to multiple reports, which started with Adam Schefter’s appearance on ‘Get Up’, the reason the NFL wants Watson out for at least 12 games is that they don’t want him playing in Houston this year:

As it has seemed with the NFL in a variety of situations, public relations seems to be a primary motivator once again. Whether someone believes that Watson deserves a longer suspension or not, extending it for this reason is not about doing the right thing.

With the appeal from the NFL in, the NFLPA has two days to respond before the appeal process begins. That process may not take too long before a new punishment is enacted. From there, Watson may choose to pursue a federal lawsuit ala Tom Brady.

More uncertainty and, seemingly, more PR spin while Browns training camp carries on.

Story originally appeared on Browns Wire