Report: Zach Smith took lewd photos of himself at White House and had office sex with Ohio State staffer

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Ohio State’s Zach Smith saga took a bizarre turn Friday, as another report from Stadium’s Brett McMurphy revealed multiple inappropriate sexual behaviors from the former Ohio State assistant during his time under Urban Meyer and also detailed an allegation that may be included in Ohio State’s investigation.

The acts described in the report include Smith photographing himself receiving oral sex and having sex with an Ohio State staff member within the football team’s coaches offices, having multiple sex toys delivered to Ohio State’s Woody Hayes Athletic Center and taking multiple pictures of his penis both in the coaches offices and during the program’s trip to the White House in 2015 after their national championship.

The report includes screencaps of the multitude of sex toys Smith reportedly had delivered to Ohio State through Amazon, but it understandably said it would not publish Smith’s lewd photos.

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Zach Smith hit with multiple sexual allegations

Smith was fired from Ohio State last month after a report from McMurphy published on Facebook alleged that the coach had repeatedly abused his ex-wife Courtney Smith, including multiple photos of bruises apparently caused by Smith. He has since denied the domestic abuse allegations during a brief media tour and indicates he believes he deserves his job back, though that might be a little tougher after what McMurphy reported on Friday.

The report did not provide specifics regarding the alleged picture(s) of Smith’s sexual encounter with a former staffer inside OSU facilities. The identity of the Ohio State staffer with whom Smith reportedly photographed himself was not revealed, though it noted that she no longer works for the program.

It did however provide some specifics about what he had delivered to the Woody Hayes Athletic Center. The total price of Smith’s reported purchases ordered came in at more than $2,200 and included sex toys, illicit male apparel and photography equipment.

As for the White House pictures, Stadium provided some details:

One photo of Smith’s penis, taken on April 20, 2015 according to a time stamp, shows Smith in his black suit he wore to the White House event. Another photo of Smith’s penis includes a White House bathroom towel featuring the Seal of the President of the United States.

McMurphy also published a text exchange he said he had with Smith’s lawyer Brad Koffel, asking for comment on why Smith took the photos, had his merchandise delivered to Ohio State and if Meyer has any knowledge of the information. In the exchange, Koffel did not deny the toys were ordered by Smith, but claimed that they were meant as gag gifts. He also said that the photos of Smith were not him, even though McMurphy said that the White House photos show a tie and wedding ring that matched what Smith was wearing in 2015.

Koffel was combative throughout the exchange, accusing McMurphy of extortion and multiple felonies and threatening that McMurphy should “tread very lightly.”

Ohio State’s Zach Smith saga took another bizarre turn on Friday. (Getty Images)
Ohio State’s Zach Smith saga took another bizarre turn on Friday. (Getty Images)

Ohio State’s investigation had been winding down

McMurphy’s report certainly creates even more embarrassment for his old program at an extremely turbulent time. And it’s plausible that allegations of sex with a now-former Ohio State staffer within the confines of Ohio State’s facilities would have been a focus of Ohio State’s investigation. The school announced earlier Friday that it expects the independent investigation to come to an end on Sunday, Aug. 19 as scheduled.

It was also revealed Monday that Smith had been arrested for drunk driving in 2013 though he denied Meyer had any knowledge of that.

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