Report: WNBA files trademark for 'wubble,' paving way for new merchandise and a documentary

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The WNBA wants to capitalize on its “wubble.” The league reportedly filed a trademark for the term, which could lead to new merchandise and a documentary, according to Khristina Williams of Girls Talk Sports TV.

The term “wubble” is a spin on the NBA’s Orlando bubble. Players in the WNBA have started using the term “wubble” to describe their bubble.

The documentary isn’t necessarily a new development. News of a documentary filmed in the “wubble” broke Thursday. It started filming Saturday. If granted, the “wubble” trademark could be used to name the documentary.

It appears, however, that merchandise is the major reason the league filed the trademark.

The WNBA wants to use the term on clothing, jerseys and caps, among other items.

Will the WNBA receive a trademark for the word ‘wubble’?

Whether the WNBA is granted the trademark remains to be seen. There’s a kid’s toy named the “Wubble Bubble Ball”, which will only complicate the issue if the “Wubble Bubble Ball” is trademarked.

It’s unclear whether that’s the case. This was just an excuse to share the “Wubble Bubble Ball” commercial.

Try erasing that from your memory!

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