Report: Warriors still willing to ‘shake up' core this offseason

Report: Warriors still willing to ‘shake up' core this offseason originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area

As Warriors owner Joe Lacob emphasized in February, Golden State will do all things necessary to put itself in the best position to contend for NBA championships.

Now, as the offseason nears, that theme seems likely to be upheld, especially after the Warriors failed to reach the 2024 playoffs following an NBA Play-In Tournament loss to the Sacramento Kings in April.

In a story published on Thursday, The Athletic’s Anthony Slater detailed why Golden State can be in for a very busy offseason.

“There isn’t anything imminent or even deep in the works, but transaction days are fast approaching,” Slater prefaced. “Indications remain that the Warriors’ front office intends to be aggressive and willing to shake up the core, feeling that this group was given a chance to stick together this past trade deadline and it didn’t even result in a playoff berth.”

The Warriors need as much star power as they can get to support 36-year-old superstar Steph Curry. Plus, no one knows if 13-year Golden State veteran Klay Thompson will be back.

Golden State showed a willingness to make big-time adjustments when trading Jordan Poole to the Washington Wizards for fellow guard Chris Paul last summer. While a stunning move at the time, it didn’t lead to desired results.

Regardless of what the Warriors do, it’ll be a struggle as the franchise must manage the luxury tax.

“What will that materialize into? That’s hard to decipher without knowing what will be available to them and how exactly they plan to navigate the luxury tax,” Slater continued. “The Warriors have stated a desire to duck it entirely, if the opportunity presents, but indicate they will remain in it if there is a move they believe vaults them back into contention.

"What move or player would qualify? Could this just end up being a step-back season even if it won’t be messaged that way?”

Lacob wants to get Golden State out of the luxury tax, which it was $88.4 million over during the NBA’s 2023-24 season.

However, he wants to win titles and is willing to bring in more high-contract names if they align with the Warriors’ aspirations and timeline. After all, Golden State did ring the Los Angeles Lakers’ phones near the NBA Trade Deadline to kick the tires on a deal for rival LeBron James.

The Warriors could use another superstar, but they also must be realistic. Slater listed a player he believes Golden State could consider attempting to acquire from the Eastern Conference:

Two quick situations of note: "If [New Orleans Pelicans forward] Brandon Ingram hits the trade market, I would not expect the Warriors to show interest,” Slater concluded. “If the [Miami] Heat shop [forward] Jimmy Butler, I would expect the Warriors to enter the conversation to at least some degree."

Butler, coming off a season where he averaged 20.8 points, 5.3 rebounds and 5 assists, is an enticing two-way option to pair with Curry if possible. Though, Miami’s star is 34 and recently has dealt with injuries and general weariness.

Golden State has no choice but to do something this offseason, as the team as is won’t cut it during the 2024-25 season.

Certainly, Slater believes something is brewing in San Francisco. Who knows if Dub Nation will ever see Curry, Thompson and Draymond Green take the floor as Warriors teammates ever again?

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