Report: Warriors could lose GM Bob Myers; add front office uncertainty to growing list of woes

Golden State Warriors general manager Bob Myers could end up with another team soon. (Kyle Terada/USA TODAY Sports)

The Golden State Warriors could lose general manager Bob Myers, according to a report from The Athletic. As the Warriors face rising salaries, increased luxury tax issues and uncertainty for veteran players, front office concerns are not an ideal development for the team currently below .500.

Myers joined the Warriors’ front office in 2011 and his contract as general manager and president of basketball operations expires in June.

Before he signed Stephen Curry to two supermax contracts and most recently secured Jordan Poole’s extension, Myers was behind the deals with Andre Iguodala, Kevin Durant and Andrew Wiggins, who were pivotal in Golden State’s four championship wins over the last eight seasons.

Aside from ties to other front office personnel, the general manager is also known to have close relationships with head coach Steve Kerr and star players Curry and Draymond Green. When tensions boil over in the Bay Area, as we have seen, the 2014 NBA Executive of the Year is an asset.

Based on the report from Anthony Slater, Marcus Thompson II and Sam Amick, there are two issues that could stand in the way of a Myers extension: his salary and the two-timeline plan. Or he could just step away from the league entirely — he’s had a successful career and recently launched a podcast with Curry as his first guest.

Managing a transition

The Warriors have touted a “two-timeline plan” as the window to win championships with Klay Thompson, Curry and Green begins to close. Majority owner Joe Lacob has reportedly been “more involved than ever” in enforcing his preference to simultaneously win with the veterans while developing the franchise’s newcomers, instead of focusing solely on winning championships the next few seasons.

Curry has become increasingly vocal about his preference to win now instead of later. According to The Athletic, Myers has been vital in easing the reigning Finals MVP's concerns.

Myers likely due for a pay bump

Myers has been at the helm of four NBA title teams. While front office contracts are kept private, The Athletic's sources said general managers of that caliber make upward of $10 million plus incentives.

According to the report, Myers’ salary does not even rank in the top five when compared to other executives. This contradicts Lacob saying Myers' salary falls “in the top three of general managers in this league even on his last deal” on the “TK Show” earlier this month.

Myers reportedly turned down a competitive offer from the Philadelphia 76ers and would be a hot commodity as a free agent if unable to come to an agreement with Lacob.

Though it’s too early to speculate, the Washington Wizards, Phoenix Suns, New York Knicks and Los Angeles Clippers are reportedly teams worth monitoring as the former NBA Executive of the Year explores his options.

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