Report: Top Clubs Chase £60m Shakhtar Midfielder

Report: Top Clubs Chase £60m Shakhtar Midfielder
Report: Top Clubs Chase £60m Shakhtar Midfielder

Premier League’s Elite on High Alert as £60m Midfielder Reveals Transfer Wish

The transfer market is buzzing with anticipation as Shakhtar Donetsk midfielder Georgiy Sudakov expresses his desire to join the Premier League. This revelation, highlighted in a recent 90Min article, has set the stage for a potential high-stakes bidding war among England’s top clubs.

Georgiy Sudakov: A Rising Star

At just 21, Georgiy Sudakov has already made a significant impact on the pitch. With 100 senior appearances under his belt, including ten goals and six assists this season, he has become a sought-after talent. Sudakov’s skills and potential have not gone unnoticed, attracting attention from some of the Premier League’s most prestigious clubs.

“Shakhtar Donetsk midfielder Georgiy Sudakov has admitted he hopes to seal a transfer to the Premier League,” reports 90Min. This statement alone is enough to excite fans and club officials alike.

Interest from Top Premier League Clubs

Sudakov’s talent and ambition have piqued the interest of several top Premier League teams. “Alongside Chelsea, Sudakov has attracted interest from a number of top Premier League sides. Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Newcastle United and Tottenham Hotspur have all been linked,” the article notes.

Chelsea seems to be a particularly appealing destination for Sudakov, not least because of his close friendship with Mykhailo Mudryk, who is currently at the club. “I was telling Misha [Mudryk] about how much I want to play in the Premier League and how it would be great to play in the same team,” Sudakov shared. This personal connection could give Chelsea a slight edge in the race to secure his signature.

Sudakov’s Premier League Ambitions

Sudakov’s desire to play in England is clear. “Oh, the Premier League is my dream,” he admitted. His aspirations go beyond merely joining a club; he aims to compete at the highest level. “It would be great to play there at one of the top clubs. I cannot highlight any of them as my priority, they are all famous clubs.”

This statement underscores his openness to joining any of the top teams, making the competition for his transfer even more intense. His valuation, reportedly around £60m, reflects his status as a premium target in the market.

Ready for the Big Stage

Sudakov’s readiness to take the next step in his career is evident. “My attitude is like this – I have reached as far as I can go at Shakhtar, I have developed as much as I can as a player and I am ready to move forward,” he explained. This mindset, combined with his ambition and talent, makes him an attractive prospect for any club looking to bolster their midfield.

His desire to prove himself on a bigger stage is palpable. “I hope to show what I can do at the Euros and then my future can be decided,” he concluded. This summer’s European Championship could be the perfect platform for Sudakov to showcase his abilities and finalise his move to the Premier League.

Statistical Analysis by EPL Index

Sudakov’s Performance Data: A Deep Dive

Georgiy Sudakov, the young Shakhtar Donetsk midfielder, is generating significant interest from top Premier League clubs, and a close examination of his performance data provides compelling insights into why. As evidenced by the detailed scouting report from Fbref, Sudakov’s stats offer a mixed yet promising picture.

Key Offensive Stats

Sudakov’s offensive metrics highlight his attacking potential. His non-penalty expected goals (npxG) per 90 minutes sit at an impressive 0.15, placing him in the 86th percentile among midfielders. Additionally, with a total shots per 90 minutes of 1.38, he ranks in the 72nd percentile, showcasing his willingness to take on goal-scoring opportunities. However, his assist statistics are notably low, positioned in the 9th percentile, suggesting that while he is a threat in front of goal, his playmaking abilities might need further development.

Passing and Ball Progression

In terms of ball progression, Sudakov excels. His progressive carries per 90 minutes (2.13) and successful take-ons (1.63) rank him in the 81st and 77th percentiles, respectively. These stats indicate his proficiency in advancing the ball and beating opponents. Furthermore, his progressive passes received stand at 2.75 per 90, placing him in the 68th percentile, further underlining his role in pushing the team forward.

However, his pass completion rate of 79.3% is relatively low, falling into the 29th percentile. This figure suggests that while Sudakov is ambitious with his passing, there is room for improvement in his accuracy and decision-making under pressure.

Defensive Contributions

Defensively, Sudakov’s stats reveal areas needing enhancement. His tackling rate is particularly low, with only 0.50 tackles per 90 minutes, ranking in the 1st percentile. Similarly, his aerial duels won are at a mere 0.13, placing him in the 1st percentile, indicating that his defensive contributions, especially in aerial battles, are minimal.


Sudakov’s performance data, as analysed from the Fbref scouting report, paints a picture of a midfielder with strong offensive capabilities and promising ball progression skills but with clear areas for improvement in defense and passing accuracy. As he continues to develop, these stats highlight both his potential and the aspects of his game that Premier League scouts will be keen to monitor.