Report: Stan Kroenke might remove SoFi from World Cup mix if he doesn't get a match of "significant heft"

Oligarchs and toddlers have one thing in common. They're not above throwing a good, old-fashioned tantrum.

Via Kevin Baxter of the Los Angeles Times, Rams owner Stan Kroenke might remove SoFi Stadium from the mix for any 2026 FIFA World Cup matches if he doesn't get to host the final game or another match of “significant heft," such as the U.S. national team's opener or a semifinal match. With it reportedly "looking more and more likely" that Jerry Jones's AT&T Stadium will hold the final, the ball will be in Kroenke's court as to whether he'll make SoFi Stadium available for any of the matches.

Kroenke, per the report, will lose millions of dollars for every game played at SoFi, and that group play or quarterfinal matches don't "have the cache to make that loss worthwhile."

One issue with the venue is that Kroenke would have to remove some of the ground-level suits, in order to comply with FIFA requirements. He also would need to increase capacity.

Then there's the question of putting in an acceptable grass pitch. It's something Kroenke wouldn't do for the two NFL teams that play there. He'd definitely do it for the cache up the ying yang that comes from hosting a World Cup final.