REPORT: San Diego State To Join Pac-12

REPORT: San Diego State To Join Pac-12

Radio host says the move could be next week

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Aztecs getting the call up?

Realignment news never ends and the latest over the last few months since USC and UCLA bolted for the Big Ten.

The Pac-12 has been scrambling to add or maybe not add teams.

San Diego State has been a team that has been mentioned, and Dan Patrick reported on his radio show that an announcement could be in the very new future.

Usually, with realignment news, a radio host is not going to be the guy to break news of this level.

This is all to say that San Diego State fans should not go out and buy Pac-12 stickers, yet.

However, the move to add the Aztecs to the Pac-12 has been swelling with West Coast reporters like Johnn Conzano and John Wilner reporting of talks and interest.

A move would make sense from the Pac-12 side of things if they want a presecence in Southern California for recruiting and TV purposes.

Also, the league is looking to shore up more teams as Oregon and Washington could be eyeing the Big Ten.

Stay tuned to see if this report comes true and San Diego State finally gets the call up to a power conference.


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