Report: Rockets talking to the Nets about the 3rd pick in 2024 NBA Draft

The Brooklyn Nets do not have a pick in the 2024 NBA Draft as of the writing of this piece as they are paying the price for the James Harden trade that happened years ago. While some in Brooklyn’s fanbase are calling for the franchise to begin a total rebuild of the roster, there is a team willing to give them another opportunity.

In a recent episode of The Ringer’s “NBA Draft Show,” Kevin O’Connor gave his take on what decision each team in the top 10 of the draft will make come June 26 when the first round begins. When O’Connor talked about what he sees the Houston Rockets doing with the third overall pick in the draft, he had something interesting to report.

“The Rockets, according to my sources, are listening to trade offers for that number three pick,” O’Conner said. Since Houston was awarded the third overall pick in the 2024 NBA Draft via the Draft Lottery, reports around the league have indicated that the Rockets are more interested in acquiring a proven player for the pick as opposed to adding another young player to a already-young team. However, what O’Connor said next is interesting.

“They’re talking to the Nets, they’re talking to the (Memphis) Grizzlies. They could end up moving down to number nine if it’s Memphis or out if it’s Brooklyn and then get back Mikal Bridges,” O’Connor explained. Essentially, it seems that the Rockets are intent on trying to get something from Brooklyn, whether it’s Mikal Bridges or the Phoenix Suns’ draft picks that the Nets own because of the Kevin Durant trade.

Ultimately, this recent report could just be Houston trying to convince Brooklyn to play ball with them in an attempt to move off the third overall pick. However, based off previous reports, the most likely outcome is that the Nets will continue to be uninterested unless the Rockets can blow them away with an offer for either Bridges or Phoenix’s picks.

Story originally appeared on Nets Wire