Report: PGA Tour Enterprises has interest in NFL executive Brian Rolapp

The NFL could soon be losing one of its key executives.

According to Sports Business Journal, NFL Chief Media and Business Officer Brian Rolapp is under consideration to lead the organization likely to be dubbed "PGA Tour Enterprises." The entity does not even exist, however, and it hinges on the ongoing talks of PGA Tour, the Saudi Public Investment Fund, and the Strategic Sports Group to finalize it.

Rolapp has more than 20 years at the NFL. Although the article from SBJ mentions that "Rolapp as long been viewed as the most likely successor" to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, we've neverd hear him characterized as the leader in the clubhouse to succeed Goodell. Indeed, it seems that there's no clear successor to Goodell, and there's never been any apparent effort by Goodell to groom one.

As noted by SBJ, Rolapp has not yet been made the Chief Operation Officer of the NFL. That's the job Goodell held before becoming Commissioner. That would be the clearest indication that Rolapp is getting closer to having his name on every NFL football.

It's possible that the money in the new gig would be impossible to refuse. Rolapp also might be realizing that, at 51 and with Goodell signed through 2027 and not closing the door on sticking around after that, Rolapp's window to get the job could naturally be closed by the time Goodell finally steps down. With only three Commissioners since 1960, it doesn't seem likely that a collection of septuagenarians and octogenarians would hire someone pushing 60.

Then there's the "why" regarding this specific report. PGA Tour Enterprises isn't even a thing yet. Is Rolapp getting restless in the on-deck circle at 345? Is it a message to the owners that, without some indication that he'll have a full and fair shot at the next step in three years, he'll consider walking away now? Or is it a message to other sports leagues that might be looking for someone to run their in-house media and business operations?

It just feels like there's something more to this one. That it's not random. That it's not coincidental. And that it won't be viewed by the person currently in the throne as something other than a power play.