Report: Peacock retained 71 percent of wild-card subscribers seven weeks later

When it comes to the streaming of NFL games, the future is now. For NBC's Peacock service, plenty of people who signed up in the recent past to watch an exclusive playoff game remain subscribers in the present.

Via, a new study from Antenna shows that three million users paid to sign up for Peacock in the three-day window surrounding the exclusive wild-card game between the Dolphins and Chiefs. Seven weeks after the game, the study concluded that 71 percent of the users who purchased Peacock for the wild-card game remained subscribers.

Peacock paid $110 million for the exclusive postseason game. In 2024, the exclusive streaming game will go to Amazon, for $120 million.

Peacock, by the way, has been for more than a month the exclusive streaming home of Oppenheimer, which recently won seven Academy Awards.

It also has been for several years the exclusive streaming home of PFT Live, which has won zero Academy Awards. Or any other awards, for that matter.