Report: QB Drake Maye making ‘really good progress’ on the field

All eyes have been on the New England Patriots and any updates on the progression of rookie quarterback Drake Maye.

NFL insider Albert Breer appeared on NBC Sports Boston’s “Arbella Early Edition” and talked about what things have been like for the Patriots with Maye in the building.

“I’ve heard it’s going great,” said Breer. “Like honestly, and that’s from multiple people today. And there’s people that have been there ever day. They say the progress has been incremental. Now, that doesn’t mean he’s making these huge leaps, but day over day, they’re seeing really good progress.

“…When he ties it all together, you see the talent, and what they’re seeing is elite downfield accuracy. So you see that, where he can throw it to the third level at a really high level. You’re seeing an ability to go through progressions. Like, they’re seeing him going from one to two to three based on what they’re able to throw at him in coverage. And then there’s not panic. I think that’s another thing that can help him get on the field.”

This is exactly the update Patriots fans were waiting to hear.

Breer did point out that the team has had to work extensively with Maye on his footwork considering he had almost no training in that area before the NFL. So he’s essentially learning a new skill and attempting to put everything together on the fly.

Those kinds of things take time, and the Patriots have no reason to rush with veteran quarterback Jacoby Brissett on the roster. The most takeaway is Maye looks the part of a potential game-changer under center.

It’ll just take some time to get there.

Story originally appeared on Patriots Wire