Report: Nick Foles preferred to stay as a back-up in Philadelphia over starting in Cleveland

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Nick Foles had a way out of spending the next season as the NFL’s most high-profile back-up, but there was a problem: That way took him straight to Cleveland.

According to a report from, the Browns offered Philadelphia the 35th overall pick in the 2018 NFL draft for Foles shortly after the start of the league year. The Eagles turned down the offer, but not before running the whole set-up by Foles. Even though the trade would have landed Foles on a team with a nearly guaranteed starting spot, Foles said he wanted to stay in Philadelphia.

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Nick Foles could have had a chance to start in Cleveland, but he wanted to stay with the Eagles instead. (AP Photo)
Nick Foles could have had a chance to start in Cleveland, but he wanted to stay with the Eagles instead. (AP Photo)

What the Cleveland Browns did instead

The Browns would go on to bring in Tyrod Taylor from Buffalo as the projected starting QB for next season, and then take Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield first overall in the draft.

The 35th pick offered to the Eagles was used on Georgia running back Nick Chubb, who will compete with Carlos Hyde and Duke Johnson for playing time next season.

Why the Philadelphia Eagles would turn down an early second-rounder

Even though they could have pressed forward without Foles’ blessing, the Eagles likely value Foles highly as insurance for Carson Wentz while they compete for another Super Bowl. The team’s asking price for Foles is reportedly quite high, so they might just be waiting for a team to get more desperate than the the draft capital-heavy Browns were at the time.

Why Nick Foles would turn down a starting QB spot

While the goal of nearly any quarterback is to find a starting job in the NFL, it’s pretty tough to blame Foles for opting to remain the back-up in Philadelphia given the situation he would be walking into in Cleveland. In case you needed reminding, the Browns went 0-16 last season and there could have been an inordinate amount of pressure on Foles to push the team forward lest he end up on the long list of QBs to be chewed up by Cleveland.

Given that Foles is 29, there would also have been no guarantee that the Browns wouldn’t have still brought in a quarterback like Mayfield early in the draft to develop and take over in the near future.

Compare all that to playing for one of the best teams in football in a town that loves him and potentially stepping up in case something goes wrong with Wentz, and it might have not been a very hard decision for Foles to make.

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