Report: Nets’ Nic Claxton new deal could be similar to Jakob Poeltl’s

The Brooklyn Nets have an important offseason ahead of them as they look to make enough improvements to get back to the playoffs next season. What is arguably their most important task is re-signing unrestricted free-agent center Nic Claxton and as the summer progresses, more light is being shown on Claxton’s new contract.

Brian Lewis of the New York Post reported on Saturday that several NBA executives that spoke to The Post believe that Claxton’s new deal will be at least $20 million annually. While that has been reported by various people, including Lewis, over the course of this year, some of the details that Lewis reported in his article are worth pointing out.

“The Post spoke with multiple league executives about how much Claxton could command, with one suggesting he will get $20 million annually and another pointing toward a Jakob Poeltl contract (four years, $78 million) as an absolute minimum,” Lewis wrote. Poeltl, currently the starting center for the Toronto Raptors, signed his current deal in July of 2023.

Based off this reporting by Lewis, it seems that most around the league believe that Claxton will be getting paid this offseason and the figure could be somewhere between $20 million and $25 million per season. At this point, it’s only a matter of if the Nets are willing to pay him that money so that they can bring him back to Brooklyn.

Story originally appeared on Nets Wire