Report: NBA teams can begin trades on Monday

Ryan Homler
·3 min read

Report: NBA teams can begin trades on Monday originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

Beginning Monday, the NBA offseason could enter a new gear and begin to heat up.

According to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, NBA teams will officially be allowed to work on trades starting Monday at noon

While there's no telling how fast deals move from the starting point, there's a chance it doesn't take long given the groundwork that has already been laid by a few teams. Reports in recent weeks have suggested that the likes of Russell Westbrook and Chris Paul could be on the move. With the NBA Draft scheduled for Wednesday, teams may also look to change draft position or sure up their roster before the picks begin.

In addition to news on the trade moratorium being lifted, Wojnarowski also reported multiple other details about what the 2020-21 season and beyond will entail.

The season is set to start on December 22 and span 72-games, a decision that came in the past week after both sides came to an agreement on the terms of the upcoming campaign. Now, Wojnarowski has shared some tentative dates that include the regular-season ending on May 16 and the NBA Finals coming to a close by July 22.

In there, Wojnarowski reported that the play-in tournament for the No. 7 through No. 10 seeds in both conferences will take place from May 17 to May 21. In this scenario, the No. 7 and No. 8 seeds would need to win just one game to clinch their ticket to the postseason, while the lower seeds would need to win two games. However, the idea reportedly still needs approval from the Board of Governors. 

Wojnarowski also shared information about the salary cap for the 2020-21 season, as it will remain at $109.1 million for the salary cap and $132.6 million for the luxury tax. Those are the same numbers as the prior season, which could be good news for the WIzards.

The numbers for the following season were also shared.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, certainty is hard to come by for professional sports leagues. Yet as it stands now, the NBA has its 2020-21 season plan coming into form.