Report: NBA to allow transactions again in two weeks, Wizards could be affected

Chase Hughes
NBC Sports Washington

One of the adjustments the NBA made as it pressed pause on everything due to the coronavirus pandemic was to suspend all player transactions. But now, with the league's return within sight, June 22 has emerged as a likely date for transactions to be resumed.

That is according to ESPN, and it could affect the Wizards in a few ways. They could sign a free agent if they wanted to, perhaps in anticipation of going for the playoffs. The circumstances are different this year, but they have made similar moves in the past.

Players like Will Bynum, Brandon Jennings, Ramon Sessions and Ty Lawson were signed by the Wizards just weeks before they made the playoffs in recent years. Tomas Satoransky just isn't around anymore to be directly affected by it.

Teams will also be able to convert two-way contracts. The Wizards have two players on two-way deals: Garrison Mathews and Johnathan Williams III.

Based on normal NBA rules, players on two-way contracts aren't eligible for the postseason. So, in order to have one of them available in the event the Wizards made it, they would have to convert a contract.


The NBA hasn't finalized it's stance on two-way players for the 22-team format in Orlando, FL, which has them on course to play games again on July 31. Also according to ESPN, the league is wary of the fact allowing two-way players would mean 44 more people in Orlando they have to keep track of in limiting the spread of the virus.

If that held up, the only way to bring Mathews or Williams III to Orlando would be to convert their contract. It may seem minor in the grand scheme of things, but if you are wondering how a guy like Mathews can help the Wizards, just ask the Miami Heat.

The transaction date, per Adrian Wojnarowski, is tentative and will also represent a window period for roster moves to occur. And it will include the eight teams not invited to Orlando.

It does not, however, mean trades can happen, as we are technically still in between the passing of the trade deadline and the end of the season. This just allows for the moves that would otherwise have happened from mid-March to mid-April to take place.

But intertwined in all of this is the league's ongoing dicussions for how to potentially replace players who come down with Covid-19 in the middle of a restarted season. It's a major question and two-way contracts could end up fitting into that dialogue.

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Report: NBA to allow transactions again in two weeks, Wizards could be affected originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

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