Report: Mother of Brian Urlacher's son sues for $125M, says he portrayed her as a killer

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The mother of Brian Urlacher’s son is suing the former Bears star for $125 million claiming that he conspired to paint her as a murderer after the suicide of her husband in order to win a custody battle, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Tyna Karageorge, 45, claims that Urlacher worked with a Chicago Tribune reporter to portray her as “a bad Mother, unfit and a killer,” according to the report. Karageorge told the Tribune that she has not had custody of their 12-year-old son since the Dec. 2016 death of her husband Ryan Karageorge.

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Karageorge said in her lawsuit that she told police that she and her husband were arguing on the night of his death when he pulled a gun from her purse and shot himself in the head. Ryan Karageorge’s death was ruled a suicide, the Cook County medical office told the Tribune.

Karageorge alleges in the lawsuit that Urlacher conspired with the Tribune and reporter David Haugh, who are also named in the suit, to portray her as a killer.

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Urlacher and Karageorge had joint custody of their son, but Urlacher has maintained temporary custody since Ryan Karageorge’s death, the Tribune reports.

“The atrocities that the Defedants (sic) have done equates to a modern day lynching and witchhunt,” Karageorge claims in her lawsuit.

“My life has been ruined by what transpired,” Karageorge told the Tribune on Wednesday. “People perceive me as a murderer even to this date.”

The Tribune said that it reached out to Urlacher, who told them he was not aware of the lawsuit.

Urlacher’s attorney Donald Schiller provided a more detailed response.

The lawsuit is “essentially a reiteration of the same false statements, twisting of facts and quotes out of context that she has claimed and filed in court proceedings all during this case, Schiller told the Tribune. “None were found to have merit.”



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