Report: Miami Heat would have to include Tyler Herro in any trade for Bradley Beal

Chase Hughes
·3 min read

Report: Miami Heat would have to include Herro in any trade for Beal originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

Nothing has changed for the Washington Wizards when it comes to their stance on Bradley Beal and his future. They don't have plans to trade him and, barring something unforeseen, both sides are planning to move forward and give it another shot with him and John Wall in the backcourt.

But, as we have seen time and time again over the past two years, those factors will not stop people around the league from speculating. And it likely won't stop other teams from viewing Beal as a potential target. The Wizards ultimately can't control what goes on outside of their own organization.

A recent report from the Miami Herald is yet another example. Columnist Barry Jackson has some sourced reporting on how the Heat are searching for another star to pair with Jimmy Butler. Miami just made the NBA Finals, but would like to continue improving their roster in hopes of winning a championship.

It could mean waiting until the next offseason to sign a free agent like Giannis Antetokounmpo. Or, it could mean striking a trade before this upcoming season. 

When it comes to Beal, Jackson has some details on what a trade with the Wizards would require:

"... Beal to Miami hinges entirely on whether Beal decides he wants to leave Washington, and whether he specifically asks the Wizards to consider a deal with Miami.

With Beal averaging 30.5 points last season and entering his prime at 26 [sic], any offer would need to include Herro, likely Duncan Robinson and other assets."

If the Wizards chose to entertain a Beal trade with the Heat, Herro and Robinson would certainly make sense, as they play Beal's position. Robinson is one of the best shooters in the NBA and Herro has the talent to become an All-Star.

But is that even close to enough for a player like Beal? Probably not. And this brings up a problem many contenders like the Heat would have in prying Beal away from the Wizards. They likely don't want to part with their best players and their draft picks aren't high enough to make a major difference in a deal.

The player to watch here would be Bam Adebayo, who is very good and eligible for a new contract the Heat may not want to give him. But Adebayo is only 23, so four years younger than Beal, and he could soon end up a more valuable player. It's fair to question why Miami would give him up.

The Heat's first round pick this year is 20th overall. They don't have a first round pick in 2021 or in 2023. And if they get Beal, that 2022 first round pick will likely not be very high.

The Heat have many more tradeable assets than the Lakers, for example, yet it's still a little difficult to see how Miami could make the Wizards an offer they couldn't refuse. With all the leverage Washington has, and Beal's apparent commitment to their vision, it doesn't quite add up.