Report: Maxx Crosby to explore trade if Raiders don't hire Antonio Pierce

Raiders defensive end Maxx Crosby endorsed hiring interim head coach Antonio Pierce on a full-time basis near the end of the regular season and he did the same in a social media post on Friday, but that might not be the end of his push.

NFL Media reports that Crosby is expected to explore a trade request if the Raiders opt to hire someone other than Pierce. That report is part of a larger report about Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh's potential return to the NFL because the Raiders "continue to weigh" a pursuit of their former quarterbacks coach.

Exploring a trade request isn't the same as demanding a trade or vowing to hold out if Pierce is not retained, but it does send another clear message about what one of the team's best players wants to see happen in the coming weeks.

The Raiders have not held any head coaching interviews this week, but they have been interviewing potential General Managers. A hire on that front would likely lead to the team turning its full attention to the head coaching question.